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“Great people and products. I have purchased 3 vacuum cleaners from them and they are very well-made. The owner went out of his way to make me feel valued as a customer and very helpful to fit the right vacuums to each need I had and answer my questions. Will be back when I need new ones or repairs!

- Katie O.

"My three year old Hoover vacuum decided it wasn't going to turn on anymore, and a pet tool attachment also stopped functioning. I was worried that I'd have to spend more money for a new vacuum cleaner, especially it being right after the Christmas season (which had me a little low on cash on hand).

I visited the Hoover website to see if I had any recourse and ending up using their Service Center Locator tool to search for nearby stores. Luckily All Brand Cleaners and Sewing Center showed up nearby and I dropped the vacuum there for an estimate. The next day they called back with an estimate (very reasonable price) and with my approval they then repaired it and had it ready a day or two later. I was so happy that they found the issue, explained to me what the problem was, and fixed it at a good price. It turns out the switch and some other part had to be replaced. I hope my vacuum lasts another three years at least, but if there's another problem down the line I'm glad this place is around!"

- Daph S.

"Brought my two vintage Singer sewing machines in for tune-ups and some minor repairs...both were suffering from neglect. They are both now running and looking like new. Joe and Jerry are so knowledgeable and friendly. Work was completed promptly and price was very reasonable. Great experience. Highly recommended!!"

- Linda W.

"I use All Brand for my home and small business cleaning needs. I have found them to be honest about when a repair is worth it or it is time to purchase a new machine. That was what kept me coming back! 

My business is a small Personal Organizing business. One time a brought a client in who had the use of only 1 arm after a stroke. Joe led us in the direction of vacuums that might be able to be used with 1 arm. We then test vacuumed with a few and made an informed decision. 

My business also puts me in the position of looking at small appliances that may or may not be usable. I trust Joe's opinion when he tells me if something can be fixed, can get parts, etc. He is the first place I go for those inquiries and estimates. 

And I'd say, he even makes vacuum buying "fun."

- Carri L.

"All Brand Cleaners and Sewing Center LLC had the part I needed at a great price and didn't give me a hard time about my desire to take it home and install it myself. I'll be back."

- Matt H.

"Rare upgrade to five stars; All Brand has relocated to a somewhat less challenging section of town, and the new quarters, while not exactly spacious for display space, are clean and open. (There's even a combined breakroom/TV area in front of the sewing machine display). You can now park in a little lot adjacent to the store, and they took the trouble to do some pleasant landscaping out front, which to me is always an indicator the proprietors care. In any event, the nagging doubts about the location are now all gone and they've proved reliable over multiple years so they are definitely a five-star local business.

Repairs here again were fast, cheap, and done quite well on my most recent issue (kid got a string tied up inextricably with the roller on a brush unit).

The stock in the store for new sales is quite varied for vacuums, much less so for sewing machines, but they know their way around both for repairs. I have bought a refurbished used vacuum for about half the price it was selling for new and it's been perfect, and our "beater" vacuum I leave for the second floor was brought back to life for about $40."

- Matt W.

Recently I was in town for a sewing retreat with my sister. When I arrived, I discovered that the bulb in my machine was burned out. My sister called All Brands (where she has purchased 5 Pfaff machines over the years) to inquire if they had a bulb in stock. They had the bulb in stock and said they would be happy to replace it if the machine were brought to the store. We went to the store where Joe put the machine on the bench. He replaced the bulb and a thread guide that was missing. He also adjusted the door that would not stay shut. It was sadly held together by some Angry Birds band aids. We also purchased some feet. We were in and out in a half hour. It was WONDERFUL. This is the kind of service that keeps customers coming back!

- Eileen S.

What a great vacuum buying experience! We were due for a new vacuum, and when my boyfriend suggested we google local stores, I figured we were wasting our time because I thought a small shop wouldn't be able to compete with the big box stores when it came to price. Boy was I wrong. We left with a Dyson well below what any of the big stores could do. But beyond price, there is no way to replicate the kind of personal service you get from a local businessman. Joe is passionate about his work. He answered all our questions and educated us on the different options. The best part was, he wasn't trying to sell us. He told us point-blank he preferred a different brand over Dyson, but after assessing our needs, he told us point-blank that the Dyson was the right machine for our needs. Very nice man. Very pleasant, old-school shopping experience.

- Sally D.

"Exceeds all customer service expectations! My sewing machine is like my third arm which I cannot live without....repaired in a couple of hours so my work did not skip a beat! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!"

- Pay yS

"Repaired 2 of my floor cleaners and educated me on how to maintain them to reduce the need for any repair work in the future! That is honesty and great customer care."

- Traci K.

"I went to purchase a vacuum and was very pleased with the service I received! Have taken my sewing machine in for servIce and was happy with the result. I would recommend All Brand!!!!!!!!"

- Sandi H.

"This small business is one of the best in town. 

My Dyson broke right before thanksgiving last year. Which of course send me into a complete panic. So naturally I get on Google and look for the closest place to have it repaired. I walked in thinking OK this is gonna cost big bucks but I need it so what can you do. Not having the warranty information did not phase these guys. I knew the round about date of purchase and since it was still under warranty they repaired it for free AND I got it back fast!!! He knew I needed it a totally accommodated me. 

The knowledge these guys have about vacuums is amazing!!! They really can fix anything!!! 

So of course I went back, how could you not?!?!?! I just purchased a new vacuum for my mom for Christmas. They have American made vacuums there!! how great is that? Local business shopping and its American made. Once again I was impressed with their knowledge of household NEED. He didn't ask me what I wanted he asked me when environment needed to be cleaned and that is what he sold me and nothing more. At a very reasonable price, I might add.

I plan on going back again and again!!!! Thank you for great service!!!!"


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